Certiride was acquired by CarZar.co.za in July 2016 - this site is dormant. If you are looking to sell you vehicle please visit www.carzar.co.za.

Buying a car from Certiride is a good idea for many reasons – two of them are price, and quality:

  1. We will give you a better price than a dealer, or "cash for your car" service. For example, a 2010 Hyundai i20 1.6 would sell for about R115 000 – R120 000 (including compulsory dealer fees) whereas you could get the same car on Certiride for about R 95 000.
  2. All our cars must pass our rigorous 200-point Certiride Inspection and Test Drive done by an experienced mechanic. Other requirements include having a full service history available, and ensuring the vehicle hasn’t previously been in a serious accident. This means that there are only high quality cars at Certiride. No lemons.

Certiride is able to offer a better price than a dealership because we have lower costs, and better data:

  • Typically, dealers over-price cars (even more-so once all the extra fees are considered). At Certiride, all our cars are priced correctly using a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account market data, and the condition of the car.
  • We have much fewer costs than a dealership since we don’t own the cars or have an expensive dealership showroom floor (or espresso lounge!).
  • What you see here is what you will pay. We don't add on a whole bunch of extra fees which you would pay at a dealership.

The cars are owned by private individuals who have looked after their vehicles, and want to sell via us in order to not get ripped off by a dealer (who typically adds 40% - 60% onto the price, excluding all the extras). We take consignment of their cars while we look for you, the buyer!

You can, of course, but before doing that be aware of a few things:

  • They will not do vehicle inspections as comprehensive as ours, or be as transparent about all the vehicle imperfections
  • You will have to negotiate as dealers try to get the maximum possible for each vehicle (whereas Certiride uses an algorithm to price vehicles correctly and fairly to begin with)
  • You will be forced to pay hefty “on the road” fees and purchase add-on products which can easily total over R15 000 (in addition to their already larger mark-ups).

To buy a car from us, just browse our website. When you find the car you want, click on the button which says “Test Drive it – Click here!”. Once you’ve completed the form we will arrange for a time, at your convenience, to bring the car to your office or home for a test drive.

Before taking a car for a test drive, we’ll get a few of your personal details. Then, if you’d like to buy a car, we’ll need a copy of your ID and proof of residence.

No. We don’t charge you anything for the service. We make our money by taking a small sale commission from the seller.

Historically, when selling a car, you were faced with two options:

  1. Sell your car to a dealership (i.e. trade it in). With this option you have the convenience of time, but you’re typically offered far less than what you could get selling privately (e.g. for a 2010 Hyundai i20 1.6 you’d be offered ~R 70 000 but you could get far more privately if you knew what to do).
  2. Sell your car privately. With this option you can get the price you deserve, but it comes with some hard work. You need to do all of your advertising, figure out your selling price and take your car to potential buyers for test drives. Once you have a Buyer, you’ll have to start negotiations and work out how to do the financial transaction which poses a financial risk, and security threats. Also, don’t forget the paperwork and queues at the Licencing Department.

Now there is a third option:

  1. Sell your car with Certiride. With Certiride you’ll get the safety and security of a dealership, but we’ll also get you the price you deserve. For that same Hyundai we’d aim to get you R90 000 into your bank account without you having to lift a finger. We find your buyer for you, and arrange the test drives on your behalf. To do this, we keep your car safely in consignment and reimburse you for using Uber while we have your car.

Just like we want you, our Seller, to have an amazing experience at Certiride, we also want our Buyer’s to share the same experience. By keeping your car in consignment it allows us to take it to Buyers for test drives at their convenience and thereby increase the chances of selling it. To make this experience easier for you, we reimburse you R250/week to get around with Uber.

Certiride is able to offer a better price than a dealership for a few reasons:

  • Typically, dealers over-price cars (once all the extra dealer fees are considered). At Certiride, all our cars are priced correctly using a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account market data, and the condition of the car.
  • We have much fewer costs than a dealership since we don’t own the cars or have a dealership floor.

No, we only take a small commission once we’ve actually sold your car. For our commission, we use a profit-share model: We guarantee you a minimum amount for your car, but anything above that we split 50/50. So, if for example we guaranteed you R80 000 for your Hyundai, but actually sold it for R95 000, you’d get R86 500 into your bank account.

So, in other words, there are no upfront fees or admin fees. We only get paid if we do our job, which is to sell your car!

Included in that fee is the following:

  • Passing your car through our 200-point Certiride Inspection
  • Getting your car’s roadworthy certificate
  • Professionally photographing your car and advertising it
  • Taking your car to prospective buyers
  • Handling the financial transaction
  • Handling all the paperwork, registration and licencing

To sell your car with Certiride you simply need to fill out the contact form at this link:


We will need to get a copy of your ID and proof of residence which is a mandatory requirement when selling your car.


Certiride is cutting out dealerships to bring more transparency and value to the South African used car market. We help car buyers pay lower prices for better cars, and we help car sellers get paid more if they have a high-quality vehicle. We take care of all the paperwork and logistics too - we're turning a typically difficult experience into something safe and easy.

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