Certiride was acquired by CarZar.co.za in July 2016 - this site is dormant. If you are looking to sell you vehicle please visit www.carzar.co.za.

Certiride started because of our experience of how difficult and frustrating it can be to find and buy a good used car in South Africa, without being ripped off. Not only were we frustrated with buying a car, we were annoyed with the unfairly low amounts we were offered for a trade-in by dealerships. Selling or buying a car privately seemed like it may be a better deal, but it's typically unsafe, time consuming, and risky. Certiride is improving on the old ways of buying and selling cars.

Blake Cuningham


Blake is formerly a management consultant at Bain & Company where he worked across Africa to help grow businesses.

He has a BBusSc from Rhodes University, and a MCom (Economics) from the University of Cape Town.

Oliver Abrahams


Oliver is a mechanical engineer who has worked extensively across the South African power sector with a focus on risk-based inspections and maintenance.

He has a BSc Mech Eng from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and is completing his MEng degree from Steinbeis University in Germany.

Join our team

Why join Certiride?

Certiride wants to change one of South Africa's oldest, largest and most frustrating market places. We want people to get a good deal on one of the biggest purchases they will ever make. We want people who also think that is important.

Who we are looking for?

We are open to talking to anyone who wants to join us on this project, however you think you could help. Some immediate skills we are looking to beef up: web development; customer service; auto mechanics; used vehicle sales.

How can I get in touch?

Send us an email


Certiride is cutting out dealerships to bring more transparency and value to the South African used car market. We help car buyers pay lower prices for better cars, and we help car sellers get paid more if they have a high-quality vehicle. We take care of all the paperwork and logistics too - we're turning a typically difficult experience into something safe and easy.

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